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Solar PV Panels installed by Slate Insulations Ltd. across the South.

Is Solar PV Suitable For Me?

Solar power for your home or business. If your property has a roof that gets a reasonable amount of sun during the day and you want to save money, generate an income and run your home on clean energy then solar PV is more than likely what you need.

The preferred orientation of roofs for solar PV installations is South, but many systems will work very well on East or West facing roofs.

Roof Pitch

A pitch of around 30° - 35° is ideal, although panels can be mounted on flat roofs, provided that the structure is adequate. A support frame is installed to tilt the panels to a suitable angle.

Roof Structure

During our survey we'll check to see that your roof can bear the weight of the solar panel system. Although individual panels aren't heavy - the whole system together with its supports can bring to total weight to around 300kg on an average installation.

Solar pv panel installation work
Solar pv panel installation process
Completed solar pv panel installation work
Finished solar pv panel installation work

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